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CTGHOSTBD.COM's Advanced Dedicated Server Infrastructure

CTGHOSTBD.COM's dedicated servers are based on Super Micro's latest Micro Blade platform. This extremely energy efficient, space saving server platform offer up to 300% better performance than previous generations, while consuming 40% less energy. Low energy consumption also means less heat generation, and in turn saving on cooling cost. Because it takes less space to disspate less heat, these servers can be very compact. Fitting as many as 112 server nodes in only 6U Rack Space!

The Microblade platform features dual 10Gbps Layer 3 switch for redundant network connectivity, eliminating cabling requirements for individual server nodes. Each of these switches feature up to 80GBps uplink.

The low operating cost of this Microblade platform allows us to offer dedicated servers at a fraction of what a dedicated server would traditionally cost. It also allows us to adopt newer generation servers without any major investment.