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Most Powerful VPS Platform available in Bangladesh

CTGHOSTBD.COM's latest VPS platform is extremely powerful, robust and reliable.

We are not aware of another Company in Bangladesh that can match the configuration we deployed in late 2015. This VPS platform is based on Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V, which is proven to be rock solid, high performance and highly flexible. We are now able to provision VPS instances with up-to 16 Processor Cores, 32GB Memory and 500GB RAID 10 Enterprise SSD Storage. Additional iSCSI storage is available for backups.

We have also upgraded the access switch in our Rack space, replacing an old 16 port un-managed gigabit switch with a 48 Port layer 2 managed switch with 10 Gbps up-link options. This gives us ability to monitor, troubleshoot and control individual ports on the switch. You have a choice of 10M, 100M & 1G up-link to the Internet.

We never over provision our servers, so the performance of your VPS is guaranteed. In fact you will experience better performance on our VPS than any entry level dedicated server. 

The VPS platform is part of CTGHOSTBD.COM's commitment to provide the best technology infrastructure in Bangladesh.

Dedicated Servers

CTGHOSTBD.COM also offers the most advanced dedicated servers in Bangladesh. Choose between Xeon E3-V5 (Quad Core) or Dual Xeon E5-V4 (up-to 36 Core) Platforms with up-to 128GB DDR4 RAM and 1TB SSD RAID Storage.