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Dedicated Windows Servers in Bangladesh

CTGHOSTBD.COM is the only USA based Company in Bangladesh to own its own Dedicated Server infrastructure. We have built an extremely powerful Dedicated Server platform based on years of experience. Our Windows Dedicated Server comes managed and un-managed.

Un-Managed Dedicated Server

An un-managed Dedicated Server is a bare server instance with only the operating system installed. You can configure the server anyway by installing services and software to your requirement. It is cheaper, but require high level server administrative skill to properly manage, configure and secure. Learn More...

Managed Dedicated Server

A Managed Dedicated Server comes with all necessary services installed and configured. CTGHOSTBD.COM's Managed Dedicated Server solution also gives you access to a Primary and a Secondary DNS Server, with CTGHOSTBD.COM's dedicated Email Server. Everything is managed through a single control panel. Learn More...

Managed Dedicated Server based Reseller Solution

A Managed Dedicated Server based reseller solution gives you a multi-server hosting infrastructure that includes a dedicated Web Server. Through an integrated control panel you can create hosting plans, set your own price, and create un-limited customer accounts. Learn More...